Stokes & Stokes Distributors

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Morton Il 61550


Propane Dispensers

Aluminum or Steel - Custom Built

  • Secure…3 doors secured by 1 lock.
  • Compact…our unique cabinet design was engineered with you in mind.
  • Convenient…Cabinet & contents are shipped assembled. (except scale)
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet…Welded steel construction, aluminum or primed and painted white*, side floor vents, hose hanger, tank can be installed at rear or either side. (*Optional & custom colors available)
  • Components from the industry’s leaders. Corken pump, Neptune meter, Fairbank 1000 lb. capacity scale, angle valves, Parker hose, quick acting hose end valves, and top quality strainer and fittings.
  • Fold Back Top…makes filling and weighing cylinders easy, including 100 lbs. cylinders.
  • Tank Stands Included. These tank stands accept pipe rails which connect the tank to the cabinet base. (2 – 2″ sch. 40 lengths of pipe are required to tie tank stands to cabinet.)
  • Universal Base… allows installation flexibility. Face cabinet door away from tank end or rotate to 90 degree position. Pipe tee option also available for mid-tank mount.
  • Complete…your dispenser unit comes assembled and ready to go. All you need to supply is; propane, a bulk propane tank, electricity (110 or 220 volt), 2-2″ sch. 40 lengths of pipe for skids and sch.80 pipe for liquid transfer.
  • Optional ~ Integral Purging System… adjustable 15 lb. regulator with pressure gauge & hose assembly.Two ball valves piped in series allow product venting through pipe-away stack. Purge system uses a three-way ball valve.


  • 1 1/4″ Internal Valve for Safety. Excess flow protection, fire protection, and remote shutdown capability.
  • Corken C12 Pump with 1 hp Motor. Designed specifically for Propane and is simple to service. The C12 has heavy-duty, permanently lubricated ball bearings, free-floating impeller design, ductile iron case, balanced mechanical seal assembly, high flow inlet and discharge, and continuous-duty motor. 2 year Limited Warranty.
  • Fairbanks Beam Scale 1000 lb capacity. The Model 1124 scale is rugged, long lasting, easy to read, compact and easy to move. It has a cast iron base, cast iron lever system and a cast iron platform. The Fairbanks 1124 provides exceptional accuracy over many years of service, resisting corrosion and bending.
  • Neptune 1″ Type 4D-MD Dispenser Meter. The standard unit includes a 600 Series totalizing register with a 5 digit resettable counter and an 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. The Neptune 4D-MD designed oscillating piston measuring chamber is both accurate and reliable. Electronic register options available.
  • 2 Parker Hoses. 1-6′ hose for cylinder filling and 1-18′ hose for RV’s.
  • 2-Quick Acting Hose End Valves.
  • Adaptors for filling cylinders, forklifts, and RV’s.
  • 3/4″ Pullaway.
  • High Quality Fittings. 
  • Supply of POL Plugs & DOT Labels.